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How to buy

Portraits are most easily and cheaply completed from one or more photographs of the subject. However for a more detailed painting sittings can be arranged either at our studio in Oxhey or at a location suggested by the sitter. 

Commissioning a portrait  is a simple process. First choose the medium (e.g. pastel or acrylic). Select the size of painting ( e.g.  A2 size which is approximately 40 x 50 cm unframed). Then choose the type of portrait (e.g. ‘'head and shoulders', ‘half length', 'full length').

Sittings are arranged to suit the sitter, and the number of sittings will vary dependent upon the size of the picture and the complexity of the composition.

Once the details have been agreed, a down payment of one third the price is required before any work on the portrait can be started; the final instalment to be paid on completion. For portraits executed outside Hertfordshire travel expenses will be added.

Please browse the portrait examples and email or call me if you have any questions.

Portrait Prices (Paper/Canvas sizes are approximate)







(60x80 cm)


(80x100 cm)

Head and shoulders





Half Length figure





Full length figure





Multiply the price shown by the number of subjects for portraits of more than one person.