Jan Langton




How to buy

All paintings in the Gallery are for sale except those marked NFS (Not for Sale).


When you have made your selection send me an email at stating the name of the picture, whether you require an original or print, framed or unframed and your contact details.


I will contact you to arrange delivery and framing if required.


Pastels are usually framed using  3 mounts, 2 for display purposes of contrasting colour and 1 to act as a spacer to stop pastel dust from falling onto the mounts. I also recommend non-reflective UV filtering glass and a frame of your choice.


My pastels are generally unfixed, unless specifically requested. Fixatives may alter the colours and "values" (lightness and darkness) of the art work. The pastel is already fixed to the "tooth" of the paper. Pastel papers are designed for that.

Most of my acrylic paintings are painted on box canvas and do not require any further framing.


If you wish to commission a portrait have a look at the Commissions page which will give you all the information you need.


In addition if you see a picture in the gallery which is not for sale or similar to a picture which you would like then contact me and it may be possible to create a new picture for you.